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The Kashmir Study Group Commends India and Pakistan on Resuming Peace Talks

Larchmont, NY (January 8, 2004) - The Kashmir Study Group (KSG), consisting of academics and foreign policy specialists, and prominent U.S. legislators announced today that they welcome the decision of the leaders of India and Pakistan to resume the dialogue between their two nations and seek to resolve the issues, including the future status of Kashmir, that have for too long poisoned their relations. The KSG believes that the agreement, bolstered by the helpful statements made by Prime Minister Vajpayee and President Musharraf, offers an historic opportunity for progress in the long troubled South Asian region.

The KSG stresses the importance that as the two sides discuss the Kashmir issue that India and Pakistan break away from long-standing, sterile formulas and develop fresh, innovative ideas that are needed to break the impasse. It is also important that they take into careful account the views of the Kashmiri people. Only then can they move forward toward a peaceful, honorable, and feasible settlement that can end the costly and increasingly dangerous problem that Kashmir poses for South Asia and the world.

Farooq Kathwari, Chairman of the Kashmir Study Group (KSG) commented, “We are pleased to be witness to this historical moment between two countries that have been at odds with each other for nearly 60 years.” He further states, “Over the past several years, the KSG has dedicated itself to work with the leadership in the region to help develop ideas that would lead to a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict.”

The Kashmir Study Group (, consisting of 25 members with political, diplomatic and academic backgrounds, extensively interacts with the parties to the Kashmir conflict. Established in 1996, KSG is headquartered in Larchmont, New York.


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