Preface to Kashmir – A Way Forward 2005

Over the nearly six decades since the dispute over Kashmir first erupted, the conflict there has remained a source of dangerous tensions and great human and physical loss to India, Pakistan, and, most tragically, the people of Kashmir itself.

Kashmir – A Way Forward, 2005 offers a new approach to this seemingly intractable problem. The core of the concept it presents is based on ideas developed by many prominent Kashmiris from both sides of the Line of Control.

The proposal calls on all concerned parties to recognize the need to compromise. It eschews a communal approach. It recommends instead a formula that offers the people of the various components of the former princely state the right to govern themselves while also maintaining their association with India and Pakistan.

We are confident that Kashmir – A Way Forward, 2005, will satisfy the needs of all parties to the dispute and that it can bring about a resolution of the Kashmir problem that will be peaceful, honorable, and feasible.